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Battle of Baharaich (14th June 1033 AD)

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It is interesting that none of the history textbooks we read, mention this great victory of Indian Union over Islamic hordes from northwest of India. There is a famous battle of Baharaich near Lucknow.

This battle was fought on 14th June 1033.


The nephew of Mahmood Gazni, known as Masud Gazni, invaded India with army of more than 100,000 men in may 1031 AD. This time, the army was not a raiding party like that of Mahmood who came with intention of raiding, looting and retreating with the loot to Afghanistan. They were backed by the imperial army Persian empire and came here with the intention of permanent conquest and Islamization of India.

King Anandpal Shahi tried to check this Gazni advance towards heartland of India. He was helped by king of Sialkot, Rai Arjun. But, this alliance was overwhelmed by superiority of numbers of Pathan army. After defeating Anandpal Shahi and Rai Arjun, Masood advanced towards towards Malwa and Gujarat. King Mahipal Tomara tried to check their advance here but was defeated too.

After victories across North Indian plains, Masood Gazni settled at Bahraich near Lucknow. He stayed here up to mid 1033.

Meanwhile, 17 Rajput Kings of north India forged an alliance. This is biggest confederation that have ever existed in India. The head of this confederation was Raja Sukhdev, a Gurjara-Rajput King. It would be interesting to know how the alliance was forged and how was the game of chess played before the final showdown on 14th June. However, I have not come across any books which deals with this part of History in detail.

In June 1033, as per Hindu traditions, Masood Gazni was intimated by Rajput confederation that the land belonged to Rajputs and Hindus and Masood should evacuate these lands. Masood replied that all land belongs to Khuda and hence he would not retreat.

On 13th June, Morning, Rajput army of about 120,000 descended on Gazni camp of Bahraich. Masood's army was completely besieged and encircled. The battle continued for hours. In the end, each and every man in Masood's camp was killed. No POW's were taken, no mercy was shown on the Afghan army. The location of this battle to be precise was near Chittaura Jheel, a lake about 8 KM away from modern Bahraich on Bahraich-Gond Road. The battle ended on 14th June with Victory of Raja Sukhdev and his Rajput alliance.

The invasion was completely crushed and such resounding was this victory that none of the king from Northwest dared to invade India for 160 years..

This is one of the golden pages of Indian History. India is indebted to series of Rajput Kings along the western border of India and in Central India. They were extremely instrumental in keeping Arab invaders at bay for 3 centuries. This was the time when Arabs were at their zenith. The Khilafat extended from Western Sindh to Spain.. However, they could not defeat Rajputs and enter Indian heartlands.

Rajputs were also instrumental in initial defeat of Muslim invaders from Northwest. The Battle of Bahraich was the peak point of Rajput valor. Their resistance waned with time over next 5 centuries. Rana Pratap was perhaps last famous Rajput general to fight invaders.

The tomb of Masood Gazni is still present at Bahraich. People there have elevated him to the status of peer and Gaazi and worship him. And there is no single mention of this glorious victory of Hindus. This, in my opinion, is an insult of Rajput valor. Same is the case with tomb of Afzal Khan at Pratapgarh in Maharashtra who was slain by Shivaji.

I do not oppose theistic beliefs. However, people worshiping the tombs of people like Masood Gazni and Afzal Khan should be made aware of their heinous deeds.

Edited to add:

I came across this verse written by Goswami Tulasidas pertaining to Bahraich and tomb of Gazni..

लही आँखि कब आँधरे बाँझ पूत कब ल्याइ ।
कब कोढ़ी काया लही जग बहराइच जाइ ॥

When did a blind person regain his eye sight?, when did a barren woman get son? And when a leper was cured for his leprosy and got his beautiful body back?. But even then people visit Baharaich. (for no particular reason out of misplaced superstition)

It is for every one to decide now; even the contemporary Indic saints were opposed to idea of worshipping the tombs of invaders and mass-murderers and elevating them to the higher pedastle of sainthood.


Karmasura said...

How about writing a letter to the Government to place a story of the battle outside the tombstone/dargah?

Not that we can convince them and they would do something about it, but we can at least try?

काय चालूये.. said...

That is a very good idea... How to do it? Whom in GOI should we address the letter?

Eternalsoul said...

Never heard of this battle in the history of India taught to us. GoI is doing a great disservice to the future generation of India by distorting or omitting historical events in our textbooks.

Karmasura said...

Perhaps we can also try and write a letter to the Indian Archaelogical Society.

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New Delhi- 110016
Ph: 91-11-26523728, 26852695 Fax: 26960654
e-mail :

Hrishi said...

thanx, i never knew this story

Santosh said...

Great battle, great outcome. Shows the true valor of Hindus.

aadesh said...

truely a great monument should be built at the war sight to show our generation what there ancestors had done for them the govt should also recognize this fact that not only the britishers but we were also attacked and ruled by other foreign invaders like ghazni etc this war story should be included in schooln syllabus also

aadesh said...

great moment in indian war history must be included in syllabus


Time to destroy such mazaars and build victory towers instead; promise the love affairs and the people shall take it on

AMLAN AJAY said...

hail the rajputs... d bravest of d brave who drenched their kshatiya blood to save and protect mother India. With their might and grace unparalleled, the indian heartland is red due to their blood and sacrifice.

All hail Rajputs!!! Jai Rajputana!!

sobubisht said...

very informative....pls keep it up..

cat said...

Wake up. Forget writing letters and ASI and traitor government of fake Gandhis. Leave BJP, they took over the peoples spiritual rama janmanbhumi movement for short-term political gain.
Instead, make a plan to demolish the bloody tomb. And erect a statue to the hero kings that ORGANISED an alliance to wipe out the jihad beasts.

राजेश said...

As a Hindu, the victory of Hindus at the Battle of Baharaich makes me proud !! Government should build a 'VijayStambh' there so that all future generations take inspiration from that !!

sk said...

thnx for informing - surprised such important part of history never told

Bhavani Kumar said...

Since independence generations of Hindus have been made to feel apologetic of their religion. Time To Rewrite Our history books

Bhavani Kumar said...

Since independence generations of Hindus have been made to feel apologetic of their religion. Time To Rewrite Our history books

Unknown said...

Swatantraveer Sawarkar mentioned this real history in his book "seven golden pages" Of Indian history.