Monday, September 04, 2006

On Dualistic and Monistic perception of Existance

Unity and duality are the two basic approaches of a Vedic individual in his spiritual journey...

The Advaita school of vedic philosophy propounds that everything in the universe is fundamentally same.. The Dualistic school of thought says that there is subtle duality in Supreme truth and rest..

Although both of these views are apparently contradictory to each other, in deeper sense, they in fact are complementary to each other..

I visualize Duality in terms of potential difference. The duality in Vedic literature is shown in form of famous duals like Praan-Rayi, Shiva-Shakti, Aatman-Brahman... In the terms of physical sciences, it can be seen as matter-energy.. In other oriental philosophies, like taoism, it is seen as Yin-Yang... In other words, this apparent duality is acknowledged by almost all of the oriental philosophies....

The basic question that arises in the minds of seeker is whether this duality is reality OR Illusion.. In other words, is this reality true OR false...

It is indeed difficult to say whether what we see is truth OR untruth. Because, I feel that it is just vagary of perception. It all depends upon the frame of reference of the observer. Hence it automatically becomes relative.

Hence, in Vedic philosophy and hinduism, this duality is given same important place as it is given to Advaita OR monism..

The approach of Advaita is that everything is Brahman.. (Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmam).

The approach of Dvaita school is somewhat like I am Brahmam... (Aham Brahma asmi)..

There is a subtle difference in the two approaches. First one negates the individuality..Since it says that EVERYTHING is Brahman, there is no scope for individual perception and understanding... In other words, there is no scope for individual's EXISTENCE as individual...

The Dvaita school propunds that I am Brahman.. This I denotes the individual's state while experiencing this unity.. It is difficult for anyone of us to forget our own consciousness.. The feeling that I exist is almost impossible to overcome. It is a bit difficult step to go from I exist to I am Everything and futher, Everything exists....

Universe/Multiverse Just Is

It is just a different point of view towards same thing.

Advaita school usually condemns the approach of Dvaita school.. Same is vice-versa..
However, what is needed is to achieve a golden mean...

It is the basic law of Universe/multiverse that for any thing to HAPPEN, what is required is potential difference.. All types of energies flow from higher potential to lower potenial.. Not only energy, even the matter shows similar tendency.

This Potential Difference is depicted in the concept of Dvaita OR Duality.. Becoz, it is this difference that keeps individual performing Karma.. Without Karma, nothing can exist.. And karma itself is a deed done by one sane human being with respect to other living being.. As it involves the concept of ME and OTHERS, it falls under the domain of Dualism OR Dvaita..

After an individual attains the state of Advaita in Supreme Samadhi mentioned in Patanjali Yog-sutras, there is nothing left for him to do.. Rather he cannot perform any karma as the duality is vanished and potential difference gone.. Two things at equal potential cannot perform work..

Hence all reasons of that person to exist are gone, and he unfies with the Parabrahman.. But until this stage, Duality enables a person to survive/to exist..

As it is stated above that experience of Unity bars a person from performing any karma.. But karma is extremely important as it is the reason of the existance of Universe..

Hence there is an ingenious phenomenon of Maaya OR Matrix.. This Maaya keeps a thin veil of ignorance on the minds of living beings, thus creating the illusion of Duality.. Although it is an illusion, it is so real and so essential that most of us prefer to live in Maaya and do not question its existence..

Everything in Universe/Multiverse tends to attain stability OR unity.. It is Maaya that maintains the Duality and hence maintains the Potential difference.. This enables the universe to exist.. The Sanskrit term for Universe Jagat arises from 2 word roots.. Ja meaning to come to birth OR existence.. Ga meaning to move..
One which comes into existence from movement OR difference, is Jagat OR world..

Thus, we can see, how important both Dualism and Monism are.. What is required is to strike a golden mean...

Hence, the correct approach. according to me, is as follows..

Unity>>(leads to)>>duality(maintained by Maya)>>(Purpose of person)>>to experience unity in apparent duality..


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