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The Political Dipoles of Maratha Polity - Their horoscopes and life-patterns

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I was wondering about this fact. Why is that all Maratha stalwarts did not cross the age of 50?Hence I thought of compiling the Horoscopes of these Stalwarts. Although I do not understand much of astrology, may be few people who do, might come up with some explanation. Follow the links in red, in order to read more about the mentioned historical character.

The Reference for this material are two books - Raja ShivaChhatrapati by Babasaheb Purandare and Peshwe Gharanyacha Itihaas by Pramod Oak.

Shivaji Shahaji Bhonsle (Known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj)
Died - age 50

Lagna: Simha (Maghaa nakshatra)
Soorya: Kumbha (Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra) - 7th Bhaava
Chandra: Kanya (Hasta Nakshatra) - 2nd Bhaava
Mangal: Mithuna (Punarvasu nakshatra) - 11th Bhaava
Shani: Tulaa (Swaati Nakshatra) - 3rd Bhaava
Brihaspati: Kumbha (Dhanishtha Nakshatra) - 7th Bhaava
Raahu: Mithuna (Ardra Nakshatra) - 11th Bhaava
Ketu: Dhanu (Moola Nakshatra) - 5th Bhaava
Budha: Meena (Uttara nakshatra) -  8th Bhaava
Shukra: Mesha (ashwini nakshatra) - 9th Bhaava.

The Emergence of Political Dipoles in  Maratha - India

It seems that state and politics was always controlled by a team of two. This duo-pattern is interesting feature of Maratha history. Actions of one member of the duo is inexorably and severely influenced by other (both positively and negatively) and vice-versa. Hence while looking at performance of Kings and Peshwas one should examine the effect of this second-half. All these duos or dipoles emerged together on their "kaarmik stage", rose to power together, performed together and exited the stage together.

This pattern arises immediately after death of Shivaji Maharaj in 1680. This is seen from 1680 to 1857. First such inseparable duo emerged after death of Shivaji Maharaj. Sambhaji and his minister Kavi-Kalash was first of this series. They rose to prominence together after death of Shivaji Maharaj and were brutally murdered together by Aurangzeb in 1689. 

Thereafter, second dipole emerged under leadership of Rajaram Chhatrapati. Two of his generals led Marathas against Mughals. They were Santaji Ghorpade and Dhanaji Jadhav. After exit of second dipole, third emerged immediately in form of Shahu and Balaji Vishwanath who rose and exited political scene together. 

Fourth dipole emerged after exit of third in form of Bajirao and Chimaji. They died and exited the scene in span of 1 year. Immediately afterwords, their sons Nanasaheb-Sadashivrao bhau were next set of dipoles. Interesting to note that Nanasaheb was more close to cousin Bhau than his own real brother Raghunathrao. Both of them rose, ruled and exited together (died 6 months apart).  

In antagonistic sense, Uncle Raghoba and Nephew Madhavrao-1 was a similar Duo. Uncle Raghoba rose to prominence 4 years before Madhavrao-1 rose to Prominence. Raghoba Exited the political scene and became utterly irrelevant 2 years after Madhavrao-1 left this world. After death of Madhavrao, Nana Phadnavis-Mahadaji Shinde emerged as next duo immediately after exit of Raghoba-Madhav dipole. Even they exited political scene together in span of 2 years after ruling India for 20 years. Finally during 1857, Nanasaheb-2 and Tatya Tope was such a duo to rise and exit together. 

Duo -1 : Sambhaji Bhonsle and Kavi Kalash - Ruled Maratha state (engaged in fight to death with Mughals under Aurangzeb) for 9 years (from 1680-1689)

Sambhaji Shivaji (Known as Sambhaji Maharaj)
Died - age 32

Not much known to me yet. What is known for sure is that He had Mesha Lagna (in Bharani) and Vrishchika Moon (In anuradha).

Duo - 2: Santaji Ghorpade and Dhanaji Jadhav - They served under Chhatrapati Rajaram Bhonsle. They were so inexorably drawn to each other  and formed an inseparable team that they influenced the success and later bitter animosity after certain differences arose amongst them. They influenced the policies of Marathas and Resistance movement to Mughals for 7 years (from 1689 - 1696). The partnership ended with murder of Santaji. Dhanaji continued to play important role for a 14 years more.

Duo - 3: Chhatrapati Shahu (Son of Sambhaji) and Balaji Vishwanath - Ruled India for approx 10 years (1710-17120).

Political exit age of Shahu (in 1720 after Bajirao-1 took over office of Peshwa. Thereafter he preferred to remain a titular head) - 40
Death age - 75

Died  - age 58

Lagna: Simha
Sun: Simha - 1st Bhaava
Chandra: Makara - 6th Bhaava
Mangal: Simha - 1st Bhaava
Shani: Simha - 1st Bhaava
Brihaspati: Vrishchika - 4th Bhaava
Budha: Kanyaa - 2nd Bhaava
Shukra: Kanyaa - 2nd Bhaava
Raahu: Simha - 1st Bhaava
Ketu: Kumbha - 7th Bhaava.

Duo 4 - Bajirao-1 and Chimaji Appa - They ruled India for 20 years (1720 to 1740)

Peshwa Bajirao Ballal (Thorle (elder) Bajirao known as "Raau")
Died - age 40

Lagna: Kanyaa
Sun: Simha (Magha)- 12th house
Chandra: Kumbha (Shatataaraka) - 6th house
Mangal: Vrishchika (anuradha)- 3rd house
Brihaspati: Makara (Shravana Nakshatra) - 5th house - Retrogade
Shani: Kumbha (Shatataaraka) - 6th house - Retrogade
Budha: Kanya (hasta) - 1st hosue - Retrogade
Shukra: Simha (Uttara-faalguni) - Retrogde
Rahu: Simha (Magha) - 12th house
Ketu: Kumbha - 6th house

Conqueror of Vasai and younger brother of Bajirao-1. One who stabilized western coast of India against European and Abyssinian invaders. His victory of Vasai si strategically extremely event in history of India. Made Europeans in General and Portuguese in  particular a non-entity in Indian politics of western coastline until 1804. The credit of the fact that western coast did not suffer the fate of eastern coast single-handedly goes to Chimaji Appa and his ruthless campaign against Portuguese.

Death - age 35 

Lagna: Mesha
Sun: Mesha - 1st house
Chandra: Karkata - 4th house
Mangal: Mesha - 1st house
Brihaspati: Mesha - 1st house
Shani: Mesha - 1st house
Budha: Vrishabha - 2nd house
Shukra: Vrishabha - 2nd house
Rahu: Kanya - 6 house
Ketu: Meena - 12th house

Duo - 5 : Balaji Bajirao and Sadashivrao Chimaji - They ruled India for 20 years (1740 to 1761)

Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb -1): Third great peshwa in line.
Death - age 40

Lagna: Simha
Sun: Dhanu - 5th house
Chandra: Vrishchika - 4th house
Mangal: Mesha - 9th house
Brihaspati: Vrishchika - 4th house
Shani: Vrishchika - 4th house
Budha: Vrishchika - 4th house
Shukra: Vrishchika - 4th house
Rahu: Mithuna - 11th house
Ketu: Dhanu - 5th hosue

Sadashivrao Chimaji (Known as Bhausaheb)- The hero and commander of Panipat campaign
Death - age 32

Lagna: Tulaa (Swati)
Sun: Karkata (Ashlesha) - 10th house
Chandra: Mesha (Ashwini) - 7th house
Mangal: Tula (Swati)- 1st house
Brihaspati: Karkata (Ashlesha) - 10th house
Shani: Kumbha (Purva-bhadrapada) - 5th house
Budha: Karkata (Punarvasu) - 10th house
Shukra: Simha (Purva-Falguni) - 11th house
Rahu: Makara (Uttarashadha) - 4th house
Ketu: Karkata (Punarvasu) - 10th house

Duo 6 - Madhavrao-1 and Raghunathrao (the antagonistic duo but equally intense) - This duo ruled India for 10 years (1761 - 1773)

Death - age 48

Lagna: Vrishabha
Sun: Simha - 4th house
Chandra: Makara - 9th house
Mangal: Tulaa - 6th house
Brihaspati: Dhanu - 8th house
Shani: Mesha - 12th house
Budha: kanya - 5th house
Shukra: Tulaa - 7th house
Rahu: Mesha - 12th house
Ketu: Tula - 6th house

Death - age 27

Lagna: Simha
Sun: Pisces - 8th house
Chandra: Simha - 1st house
Mangal: Makara - 6th house
Brihaspati: Dhanu - 5th house
Shani: Karkata - 12th house
Budha: Kanya - 2nd house
Shukra: Tulaa - 3th house
Rahu: Mesha - 9th house
Ketu: Tula -3rd house

Death - age 23

This is the period of Duo-7: Nana Phadnavis - Mahadaji Shinde partnership. Their horoscope details not available as of  yet. Duo-7 ruled India for 23 years (1773-1796).

Lagna: Karkata
Sun: Mesha - 10 house
Chandra: Karkata - 1st house
Mangal: Meena - 9th house
Brihaspati: Mesha - 10th house
Shani: Kanya - 3rd house
Budha: Meena - 9th house
Shukra: Meena - 9th house
Rahu: Kumbha - 8th house
Ketu: Simha - 2nd house

Peshwa Bajirao Raghunath (Son of Raghoba who ruined it all - Known as Palputa(Coward) Bajirao)
Death - age 65

Lagna: Simha
Sun: Simha - 1st house
Chandra: Makara - 6th house
Mangal: Simha - 1st house
Brihaspati: Vrishchika - 4th house
Shani: Simha - 1st house
Budha: Simha - 1st house
Shukra: Simha - 1st house
Rahu: Simha - 1st house
Ketu: Kumbha - 7th house

Duo 8 - Nanasaheb-2 and Tatya Tope - They did not rule India but planned and executed 1857.

Last Peshwa Dhondopant Bajirao (Known as Nanasaheb-2, the famous hero and freedom fighter Nana Sahib of 1857 war of independence) - Adopted son of coward Bajirao-2. His "Jodidaar" was Tatya Tope. 

Death - age 34 (In 1858)
Death age of Tatya Tope - 44 (in 1858)

Lagna: Makara
Sun: Vrishabha - 5th house
Chandra: Vrishabha - 5th house
Mangal: Vrishabha - 5th house
Brihaspati: Karka - 7th house
Shani: Vrishabha - 5th house
Budha: Mesha - 4th house
Shukra: Vrishabha - 5th house
Rahu: Mithuna - 6th house
Ketu: Dhanu - 12th house