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A story from Modern Panchatantra...

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Loose translation of original story by Chirag Patki that I read here - हितोपदेशाचे न्यूजफीड भाग १

Long ago in a Ganarajya called Magadha, there was a king called Hatobuddha (हतोबुद्ध). Like name, he was indeed a hatabuddha (हतबुद्ध) person. But he was a kalaakaar par excellence and had mastered the art of fooling people. People used to wonder about a throne behind king's throne and such conspiracy theories always found space in public gossip of the country. Before becoming king, hatobuddha was actually an adviser to a king called Narakesari. But his exceptional qualities of sycophancy towards a powerful dynasty called GaanDhjhol, hatobuddha was propped up as king. anyways.

hatobuddha ruled magadha for 10 years but people were so pissed with his rule that he decided to retire and accept vaanaprastha. Time came to choose new king. The GaanDhjhol dynasty proposed the name of crown-prince matimandahool (मतिमंदहूल) for the role of new king. But seeing the old king about to retire various Sardars from various provinces of magadha desha started dreaming to becoming king. Among these aspirants, forefront were Sardar Kamalendra (कमलेन्द्र) from west, Karunaika and Bhavyalalita (करूणैनक एवं भव्यललिता) from south, Vaatsalyata (वात्सल्यता) and dhikniteesha (धिकनितीश) from east and Mriduyama (मृदुयम) and Maya (माया) from north. Seeing this immense competition, crown prince Matimandahoola of gaanDhjhol dynasty was worried about his chances and with the advice of Vishwamaatula (विश्वमातुल),  he propped up a new contender in north named Vindasammaarjani (विंदसम्मार्जनी). 

To everyone's surprise, Vindasammaarjani defeated Bhakshila (भक्षिला), a supporter of matimandahoola's candidature and gaanDhjhol dynasty  and became the mukhiya of certain province in norther country. A certain powerful western lord Lambodara Vakramukha (लंबोदर वक्रमुख) declared that he won't be contesting for kingship, this strengthened the position of Kamalendra. However the surprise victory of Vindasammaarjani slightly altered the public perceptions especially in capital province of north magadha. Thus in that capital  province, Kamalendra, Matimandahoola and Vindasammaarjani became the likely contenders for the kingship. 

Kamalendra was working hard and he helped his supporting lords to win the position of provincial governors. But bored by lackluster matimandahoola, many soldiers of all sorts belonging to gaanDhjhol dynasty started flocking to the camp of Vindasammaarjani. Due to this flocking, and vagaries of their Kumaara-leela the socio-political environment was becoming Pradooshita instead of Prashaanta. Due to these antics of various kumaara-leelas, Vindasammaarjani although happy initially started getting annoyed. 

Kamalendra, OTOH, was quite popular person. King's men in government and king sponsored team of udghoshakas (उद्घोषक) had been trying to vitiate the public opinion against kamalendra but public did not budge and started supported him even more. Furthermore a certain Manmohana of Daksha-sampradaaya (दक्ष-संप्रदाय) decided to support Kamalendra, this further multiplied his strength. 

Now, while Kamalendra himself was desisting from any move against Vindasammaarjani, kamalendra's soldiers were beginning to attack Vindrasammaarjani on accounts that Vindasammaarjani was openly taking help from gaanDhjhola's soldiers and resources of Vishvamaatula. Vindasammaarjani's erstwhile guru Shri. Sahastra Bhojana too was alleging something similar. There were strong reasons for the same. The deputies of Vindasammaarjani were blatantly worshipping a certain Daanaveera karna of Angadesha by distributing public wealth for free to people. 

Just like that ancient king of eastern India, they too were supporting the very Bhakshila whom they had defeated on grounds of corruption and promised to throw her in jail. The deputies of Vindasammaarjani and he himself were beginning to practice double-speak with such precision that the people that northern capital province of Magadha started wondering about their decision. The fun began when Vindasammaarjani bought a huge palace at public expense and asked the panchayat to suggest which color should he paint his house in 140 alphabets. Whenever any question to him was asked apart from color of house, Vindasammaarjani asked people to go and ask Matimandahoola and kamalendra first. Just like Karna, this Vindasammaarjani supported evil, while speaking of virtue. Just like Karna, he distributed wealth of state thinking that it belongs to his father's fiefdom. He did so just to ensure that people will not question his alliance with gaanDhjhola dynasty and his protection of Bhakshila just like Karna did it to ensure public support against his friendship with Duryodhana.

A dog couple Shvetaprichhaa (श्वेतपृच्छा) and Raatrirudaka (रात्रिरुदक) living on the streets of capital province was witnessing all this. While having dinner, one day Shvetaprichhaa asked her husband Raatrirudaka a question," Bho raatrirudaka swami, Whats wrong with these humans? What is your opinion of those who promise something before elections and give excuses later for not fulfilling those promises?" Raatrirudaka threw a glance at her and continued licking the bone. This annoyed Shvetaprichha to no extent. She said unto him," Oh you who barks in nights for no reason, why are you silent now? Why don't you bark now, you barking son of a she-dog?" Pissed by the constant nagging by his wife, Ratrirudaka started barking,"My distant cousin from a big city of western magadha once told me a story which is popular in that part. The story is called insiders and outsiders. humans travel by local trains in that big huge city of western Magadha. Those who are in the trains do not let any humans on the platform to enter the train. But if someone manages to enter the train in spite of all opposition, he then becomes an insider and opposes the outsider person from next station to board the train uttering the famous words - jagah nahi hai bhaay, agla train pakad. Do you understand what I mean to say now"..

Shvetaprichha barked in affirmation. They continued licking the bone and later went to sleep after satisfying each other..