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"कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यं " - Civilize the world - In what context?

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While reading valmiki Ramayana along with Sinhasan Battisi and Vetaal Pachchisi I noticed the emphasis of the latter two stories on "Daan". King Bhoja is coaxed time and again to distribute his wealth. In Ramayana, kings do not require coaxing to indulge in daan-satra. It refers to an ideal which society should strive for. 

What made society so secure that kings could afford giving up power (read money) so easily. while money is power today, it does not appear to be so in Ramayana or stories of Vikramaditya. The kings in this narrative frequently venture out for ashwamedha conquests. Apart from Vikramaditya, other kings are not described venturing in Central Asian Region realistically (descriptions matching facts and geography). But it appears that somehow, kings maintained a "sanitized" region around Dharmik India. The geography around India (the ring of mountains) might have made this easier. 

Furthermore, there was a fearless indic society which did not bind itself by taboos and 7 social prohibitions. To civilize the world, one has to be fearless and receptive to new ideas and adaptations. One has to inculcate completely in his mind-body-intellect his superiority over others (nothing racial in this connotation). Vivekananda too emphasized on this "Fearlessness". One who has sorted out his own issues, is fearless and liberal towards other opinions.

to understand this, one has to again check the actual verse from Rigveda..

इन्द्रं वर्धन्तो अप्तुरः कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यं अपघ्नन्तो अराव्णः  - Rigveda 9.63.5

Indram vardhanto apturah krinvanto vishwam aaryam apaghnanto araavNah - RV 9:63:5

Here the key word is "AraavNah (अराव्णः) which categorically means "one who isn't liberal, hence of jealous and hostile ideology"..

Augmented by Indra's strength, civilize the world by destroying the non-liberal and jealous ones.

This automatically says that arya are those who are broad minded and hence dharmik. I think, in current times, (past 1000 years), it has never been more easier to identify the jealous and non-liberal ideologies. But time had led to instilling fear in minds of Indic people who once prided themselves as "Amritasya Putra (offsprings of immortal)" and hence developed a siege mentality. In other words, total anarchy and hence adharma. But these sons of amrita cannot beat the jealous God who is master of fearmongering in his own game. 

The terms of the game need to change. The game needs to be played on strengths of Indian meme-complex which is unity in diversity and ability to absorb and assimilate populations and ideas. This requires a fearless and liberal nature in order to embrace, indianize and assimilate all the foreign influences. Indics have to rediscover their ideological fearlessness. 

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