Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pakistan and Devdas

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This is one of the witty anecdote narrated by one of my friends and a reader of this blog. For the purpose of mango-man's enlightenment, I present this anecdote here.

Have you seen film "Devdas" by Bimal Roy later copied by Sanjay Leela Bhansali? 
Analogously, Pakistan is Devdas (aka Debtdas), and is dear friends Paro (USA) and Chandramukhi (China). As you know, Debtdas can't get off Paro and can get on with Chandramukhi, at the same time and vice-e-versa even though it is supported by few other friends (Saudi Arabia, UK and others) of Debtdas. Hence the show must go on. Here ends the normal story. 
But, neither Paro nor Chandramukhi nor his other friends are worried about being infected by Debtdas who keeps throwing empty bottles across his neighbour Manubhai Chunnilal's compound wall (India). Now, reports say that Manubhai Chunnilal wants Debtdas to die of intoxication (Islam and drugs) and hence is gleefully letting Paro and Chandramukhi a free ride over Debtdas. 



Abhijit Rajadhyaksha said...

Who is Mannubahai Chunnilal? India ?

काय चालूये.. said...

India under the leadership of our own pacifist mannu singh...

Chinmay 'भारद्वाज' said...

Who are we then?