About Me

Dear Readers,

I am a biologist with interest in Indic philosophy with atheistic flavor, music, history and international politics

Culturally and legally, I am Hindu. I find peace in philosophical aspects of Nirishwar-vaadi (non-theistic) Saamkhya-Yoga. It is, in my opinion, one of the most elegant philosophies that was ever propounded by mankind.

I oppose any ideology which extols totalitarianism and exclusivity. In my opinion, It is impossible for anybody to be absolute in all spaces and times since everything in this universe, except ParaBrahman, is relative.

The name Kalchiron originates from the Greek mythological character, Chiron. It is pronounced as Kal-Kirawn (Indianized in devanagari as कल्-किरण). All the posts on this website will be pertaining to my views on topics associated with these subjects.

Thank you..

Shubham astu !!!


Anonymous said...

I came here via-via, some long surfing, but knowing that someone is respectfully writing Hindu Sanskruti, feel that there are some one is there who boost up our self respect. Thanks. Some NRI's blindly following Science (not understanding it properly) and writing worst comments on Hindu Culture, which pinching me most. If you know Gujarati, visit my blog - www.bestbonding.wordpress.com

www.thinkingindia.in said...

loved yr blog. Wd u like to post any of yr articles on my passion driven site www.esamskriti.com. Do mail me at suryacon@gmail.com

with love n regards
sanjeev nayyar

sobubisht said...

gr8 job...congrats

South Asia Peace Alliance said...

I visited your site searching for Where Mind is without fear. The Hindi translation of Rabindranath Tagore poem.

I liked your site and your efforts to understand our past and connecting with present.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,

I wanted to let you know that I recently discovered your site through various links. I must say it is a wonderful blog and the depth and extent of your knowledge is fascinating. You have now another dedicated follower.

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

Dear Jitu48,

I too came here after long surfing time. However, after reading your comment thought of clarifying something significant. I appreciate that anti-Hindu approach pinches you but do not worry. The vedantic religion is so strong that none can harm it. Informatively, Hinduism is not the religion. It was a name given to the religion by outsiders.

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon your blob while searching for the words of "Where the mind is without fear". Great blog, I will be following..

Unknown said...

What do I say? My boy is doing excellent job. writings about Hindu Sanskruti. Great Hindu Kings. I know, had you spent so much time on your study alone, your position would have been different at individual level. Some people enjoy life by attempting to help society through various modes. You chose this path with consistency. Studying all aspects of others life and explaining that in simple form is never an easy job. Your writing on Great Shiwaji for benefit of Hindus not knowing Marathi language is outstanding work.

Raja Pundalik said...

नमस्कार! प्रतिक्रिया म्हणून लिहायला मनात खूप आहे, पण फार शब्दांच्या पसाऱ्यात न अडकता इतकंच म्हणतो की तुमचं लिखाण 'वाचलंच पाहिजे' अशा प्रकारात मोडतं. मी परत-परत येतो इथे.


Yogita the impossible said...

Abhiman Ani ek adhar watato ki aplyasarkhe likhan karnare Lok aahet ajun.thanks

Chaisme said...

Hello Kalchiron,
You have very extensive knowledge about Vedas and Puranas!
I have a few questions to ask out of curiosity-
1. What led/inspired you to read about Vedas in such detail?
2. Do you act upon all this knowledge? Reason for asking this question is that knowledge is good but only effective
when it is self-realised and acted upon. When one reads extensively there comes a time where the reader cannot distinguish between borrowed knowledge and self-realisation. And this separation is of utmost importance to self as only this will determine how much action is there. I can read up a lot but still be where I started from except that now I can talk a lot about it. But that talk will be hollow. For me, there is no bigger deception than self-deception.