Friday, May 23, 2014

Redefining Indrashakti - Transformation of Ghatotkacha into Dhananjaya

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This is my analysis pertaining to my old "Indra-Shakti" theory. It took me 3-4 years to find utterance for this idea which culminated into Indrashakti-Ghatotkacha theory and now with huge mandate of NDA, it has further developed into Chakravyuha-Dhananjaya theory. 

To rehash the concepts, this is Indrashakti theory in gist - 

No body wants to be in power, in 2014. 2014-2019 is a term which is ticking time-bomb. most probably the leader leading India in this time is going to be Ghatotkacha (or so is the theory). All the bigger sins which UPA has done in past 10 years will be bearing fruits in coming 5 and the incumbent PM is going to have to do the gadhaa-majoori. The PM of India from 2014-19 will have to bear the brunt of screwed up economy, screwed up foreign relations, US-withdrawal from Afghanistan thereby diversion of a horde of Jihadis into India, China's antics were testing the compliance of India which are only going to increase. Basically, its like Three-Pronged Indrashakti of Karna (Economy + Jihad + Chinese aggression) which together is very lethal calamity. The PM of India in this period will suffer the fate of Ghatotkacha who fought bravely but who's ultimate role and utility was to force Karna to launch Indrashakti (one-time usable) and die, thereby saving Arjuna. 

I personally was, if many of you remember, in favor of NaMo too performing a flanking maneuver and allow third-front to occupy throne and sink under this weight and then arrive at the scene as savior. From perspective of longer time-cycle, NaMo indeed peaked much earlier. I did not want NaMo to be the Ghatotkacha.

However in this tactically brilliant maneuvering, they (the Anti-India forces) forgot one crucial thing. They did not expect a massive pan-Indian Hindu consolidation which resulted in near 2/3rds majority for NDA and simple majority for BJP. This verdict has given NaMo unprecedented power in dark-times that are coming. 

He will still have to fight very hard to save himself and India from Indrashakti. But due to this unprecedented verdict, this potential Ghatotkacha is perhaps transformed into Dhananjaya Arjun backed by Yogeshwara Krishna. And this same verdict has perhaps reduced and transformed Indrashakti into an extremely difficult to breach "Chakravyuha". Here the Janta-Janaardana was the real "Krishna" who has shielded NaMo and empowered him to fearlessly enter the Chakravyuha.

The difference between an Indrashakti and a Chakravyuha is that Indrashakti was without any answer - once launched the target was destined to die, be it ANYONE - Hence a scapegoat was required in form of Ghatotkacha. This would have been NaMo as PM with ABV like mandate fractured mandate (BJP: 180-240 seats). The absolute majority for BJP on its own and 340 (+37 of Amma and 19 of BJD) has transformed this foe into an extremely difficult Chakravyuha from Indrashakti. 

And thing about this chakravyuha is that while it is as lethal as Indrashakti to almost everyone, paashupatastra wielding Dhananjaya driven around by Yogeshwara Parthasarathy has a fighting chance of actually emerging victorious.

May NaMo get blessings from all over - he will need them. Our Mother is entering a very difficult phase and this is very very good thing that has happened on the eve of that phase. :)

Shubham astu !!!