Friday, May 23, 2014

Redefining Indrashakti - Transformation of Ghatotkacha into Dhananjaya

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This is my analysis pertaining to my old "Indra-Shakti" theory. It took me 3-4 years to find utterance for this idea which culminated into Indrashakti-Ghatotkacha theory and now with huge mandate of NDA, it has further developed into Chakravyuha-Dhananjaya theory. 

To rehash the concepts, this is Indrashakti theory in gist - 

No body wants to be in power, in 2014. 2014-2019 is a term which is ticking time-bomb. most probably the leader leading India in this time is going to be Ghatotkacha (or so is the theory). All the bigger sins which UPA has done in past 10 years will be bearing fruits in coming 5 and the incumbent PM is going to have to do the gadhaa-majoori. The PM of India from 2014-19 will have to bear the brunt of screwed up economy, screwed up foreign relations, US-withdrawal from Afghanistan thereby diversion of a horde of Jihadis into India, China's antics were testing the compliance of India which are only going to increase. Basically, its like Three-Pronged Indrashakti of Karna (Economy + Jihad + Chinese aggression) which together is very lethal calamity. The PM of India in this period will suffer the fate of Ghatotkacha who fought bravely but who's ultimate role and utility was to force Karna to launch Indrashakti (one-time usable) and die, thereby saving Arjuna. 

I personally was, if many of you remember, in favor of NaMo too performing a flanking maneuver and allow third-front to occupy throne and sink under this weight and then arrive at the scene as savior. From perspective of longer time-cycle, NaMo indeed peaked much earlier. I did not want NaMo to be the Ghatotkacha.

However in this tactically brilliant maneuvering, they (the Anti-India forces) forgot one crucial thing. They did not expect a massive pan-Indian Hindu consolidation which resulted in near 2/3rds majority for NDA and simple majority for BJP. This verdict has given NaMo unprecedented power in dark-times that are coming. 

He will still have to fight very hard to save himself and India from Indrashakti. But due to this unprecedented verdict, this potential Ghatotkacha is perhaps transformed into Dhananjaya Arjun backed by Yogeshwara Krishna. And this same verdict has perhaps reduced and transformed Indrashakti into an extremely difficult to breach "Chakravyuha". Here the Janta-Janaardana was the real "Krishna" who has shielded NaMo and empowered him to fearlessly enter the Chakravyuha.

The difference between an Indrashakti and a Chakravyuha is that Indrashakti was without any answer - once launched the target was destined to die, be it ANYONE - Hence a scapegoat was required in form of Ghatotkacha. This would have been NaMo as PM with ABV like mandate fractured mandate (BJP: 180-240 seats). The absolute majority for BJP on its own and 340 (+37 of Amma and 19 of BJD) has transformed this foe into an extremely difficult Chakravyuha from Indrashakti. 

And thing about this chakravyuha is that while it is as lethal as Indrashakti to almost everyone, paashupatastra wielding Dhananjaya driven around by Yogeshwara Parthasarathy has a fighting chance of actually emerging victorious.

May NaMo get blessings from all over - he will need them. Our Mother is entering a very difficult phase and this is very very good thing that has happened on the eve of that phase. :)

Shubham astu !!!


Anonymous said...


very good post.I remember your Indrashakti theory quite well.

It tallies with the historical experience till date.Tughlaq was actually right when evacuating Dhillika.An alternative capital has to be setup somewhere south of Vindhya.

A relevant and informative post.

Garvo Gujarati said...

I agree with Jambudweep. Indraprasth (delhi) is a jinxed place. We need to move capital to elsewhere.

santosh kumar said...

Dear Kaal-Chiron

I remember you saying Modi should not come to power in 2014 as he will have to bear the brunt of the UPA policies. But now you are saying with absolute majority he has a chance to save India.
Can you please elaborate more on how will he solve jihadi and chinese aggression problems. I can understand with good decision making he can solve economic problems but how about these 2 problems.

Sridhar K said...


From my Guru who is very deep into spirituality and astrology, the first year for NaMo would be smoother but his detractors both within his party and outside will give him enough trouble next year. As per the Tamil calendar next two years (Apr 15- Apr 17) are not predicted to be good with famines, strife and war expected. However his take his that NaMo will prevail as some divine intervention is with him

Kal_Chiron said...

jambudveep ji,

Even yudhishthira left Indraprastha and made hastinapura his capital after great war. The city is built on a grave-yard. Arjuna and Krishna did the genocide of Naagas here and burnt down an entire thriving forest to make room for city. Thus Khaandavprasth turned into Indraprasth. Totally a cursed place, if you ask me. The ill-will of all those massacred Nagas right at the foundation of this city is not going to let this city be at rest for ever. Its like building a capital city over Krakow ghetto.

Santoshkumar ji,

Modi has 335 seats. With Amma, he has 372 seats. He is not dependent on allies to

a. begin talks with Sri Lanka and persuade them to give India priority of investment.
b. deploy heavy naval presence in Andamans.
c. cultivate good (perhaps military) relations with Japan and Vietnam. UPA1 was handicapped by left support and UPA-2 by other allies to make wise foreign policy decision.

steps like these makes modi better capable to deal with China. remember, our military might is not going to buildup overnight. We have lost a decade. But world knows modi will not buckle down too much, if India is pushed to make hard decisions. They will test him in next year after USA leaves Afghanistan. lets see.

regarding jihad, Modi is in position now to clear Uniform civil code, reintroduce POTA (or something similar with different name, because POTA has got a bad PR), seriously try to abolish 370. Supreme court will be delivering verdict on Ramjanmabhumi in his tenure (the verdict will mostly be similar to high-court verdict, thereby freeing the land for building grand Raam temple on janmabhumi). RSS and its other sister orgs will be spreading their network and preparing masses to tackle the jihadi retaliation. POTA will deal with non-state and state actors (SIMI, IM, LeT, JeM etc).

This will not be easy. All of them will be testing our response, increasingly so after December 2014. But the sheer majority Modi has in loksabha empowers him to take any decisions and modify the functioning of govt in any ways whatsoever. We have elected a president, or a caeser for next 5 years. It will be bloody, it will not be easy. But with empowered, modi, we have chance of pulling through.

By pulling through I mean Modi being reelected in 2019.

Had this been a Vajpayee like govt, all of the above would have been difficult to do.

SridharK ji,

Thanks for your inputs. Yes, after december 2014, USA will withdraw from Afghanistan and jihadis there will be descending on India and kashmir because we are nearest kaafirs for them to hit, now that USA is out. The el-Nino effect this year may be affecting our monsoon. For India, period until 2024 (more importantly from 2015-2019/20) is very crucial and it will be best for us if we could avoid large-scale war till then at all cost and if we survive the large-scale war/insurgency that WILL BE imposed upon us by above mentioned forces.

santosh kumar said...

Just a thought ..
1) can India build a war alliance with strategic allies like Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Tajikistan, Iran (not sure on Iran as it being a muslim country may not support India when needed ), Israel,Nepal, Bhutan etc.
2) Also, why can't we build our own anti-jihadi groups (our own version of suicide bombers and secret attackers on the lines of Israel) who can counter the jihadi terrorists.

santosh kumar said...

3)Also, we should deploy spies extensively in Pakistan and Afghanistan like CIA who can bring us the information regarding possible terror attacks before hand!