Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Multilayered Consciousness

Thinking, feeling are the two ways of human cognition. These are popularized by Bollywood paradigms of listening to heart, OR thinking by brains. Neurologically, it implies the positive and negative interference of lymbic system in decision making process. According to Patanjali Yogsutras, it is the medium of cognition, mind, intellect and ego (Ahamkar). In commons words it means application of logical OR emotional faculties of self while taking a decision.

Although neutral viewpoint is advised by the scriptures, it is not possible to keep it all the time, not even for an accomplished yogi. Everyone plays in these three planes. like electron which is orbiting the nucleus has specific energy levels. The electron undergoes transition in various energy levels. Electron cannot choose any arbitrary energy levels. there are permitted energy levels which it can be in which are different for different element and molecule.

Similarly, every person, although resides either in mind, intellect or ego, his permitted transitions and energy levels are unique and hardly similar to any other individual. Mind can provide same energy level with greater flexibility. Intellect is quite rigid as compared to mind it provision of similar consciousness levels for two individuals, but it does provide. Ego is something that is exclusively private or fingerprint consciousness level. unique and hence identity mark of an individual.

But the most pressing question is, what is ME? Does me imply my heart, my mind, my intellect, my ego, my instincts.. what is me?

I think it is just different plane of consciousness we are referring to.. It all depends upon the depth of the topic we are discussing. And degree of seriousness with which we treat to a particular topic at different times. The human being transits between different consciousness levels on the basis of his mood, his experience in immediate past, his nurture, his nature.

Some times, certain topic strikes the inner chords (wherever they are).. Some other times, same topic fails to make even a slightest impact..

The Transitions of consciousness

I would compare this phenomenon with transitions of electrons between different energy level in particular atom OR molecule. As long as electron is in particular orbital, it has completely become part of that orbital, so thoroughly amalgamated that the very orbital comes into existence due to the electron cloud. It is audacious to call electron a dabbler in truest sense. But it is true, however that electron does not remain in particular energy level for long, unless it is its ground state OR in simplistic terms, its resting state.

The transitions of consciousness is similar to that of such electron. It is really difficult to predict in which plane the mind of an artist is. For that matter even a scientist. And when in a particular consciousness level, the person becomes so much a part of it, so completely unified and in sync with that level that he marvels at himselves when he looks at his own creation from his normal ground state, as in, How could I do it. How could this come out of me.

Other people who do not have their creative faculties well developed, do not show the intense transitions. It is not that they do not experience such transitions. But they suppress the transiting consciousness to ground state because they value mental stability over possible creativity.

It is during these transitions, that any innovative and creative individual, Creates OR innovates OR invents OR discovers something. Coupled with the law of permitted transitions, it altogether becomes extremely complex and hence beautiful system.

This law of permitivity explains that why a particular individual can never take a particular decision OR never react to a particular situation as other person does so easily. Not only decisions, but also strengths and weaknesses of an individual is dependent upon these permitted Consciousness transition levels and sublevels. This law of permitivity also explains why few people are more versatile than others. The famous examples are that of Kishore Kumar, and Pu la Deshpande two of the most versatile artists known to India. Others, and sometimes even they marvel at their feat of being able to transit in so many consciousness levels in their life times.

Conscious mind is so much multi layered that it takes life time for a person to decipher its undercurrents. yet, it is impossible to know ourselves completely..

Vedanta asks this question in such a subtle manner..
Ko aham? Who am I..

Perhaps, answer to this question leads to answer to all the questions..
Because, perhaps, we in ourselves are everything in the entire universe/multiverse...

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Athena said...

Very nice analysis-I particularly liked the bit where the artist is one with his creation, and can yet glance with wonder at the creation,presupposing 'oneness' and 'otherness' at the same time.

Btw, I wonder if u were also in this transcendental state while writing this piece?