Wednesday, June 01, 2011

जाबार दिने - On the day of my departure - Gurudev Ravindranath Thakur

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जाबार दिने - Jaabar Dine - A Bangla poem by Ravindranath Thakur in Devanagari script..

जाबार दिने एइ कथाटी बले जेन जाई
जा देखेछि जा पेयेछि तुलना तार नाई..

एइ ज्योति: समुद्रमाझे
जे शतदल पद्म (पद्द) राजे
तारह मधुपान करेछि
धन्य आमी ताई..
जाबार दिने.....

विश्वरुपेर खेलाघरे
कतई गेलेम खेले
आपरूप के देखे गेलेम
दुटि नयन मेले..
जाबार दिने.....

परश जारे जाये ना करा
सकल देहे दिलेन धरा
एइखाने शेषे करेन जदि 
शेष करे दीन ताई..

जाबार बेला एइ कथाटी बले जेन जाई
जा देखेछि जा पेयेछि, तुलना तार नाई...

On the day of my departure, let these be my parting words,
whatever I saw, whatever I experienced in my life, is incomparable...

I have tasted the nectar of magnificent lotus
bloomed in the infinite and luminescent ocean (of Parabrahman),
I am fulfilled...

In the theater of this world
I played many games and assumed many roles
While doing so, "I" "saw" "me" (Aatmagnana-Moment of Moksha/Nirvana)
With my own eyes... (here eyes are metaphorical - I perceived my "self")

"Beings" which cannot be perceived, (faculties of aatman(I), mind, intellect, body etc)
I have "retained" them in "me" (Dhaarana - to retain, maintain, resolve)
Now if "they" wish to stop here,
"they" are free to do so...

At the moment of departure, let these be my parting words....

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