Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Neo-Mughal & Neo-Maratha model of modern polity - nuances

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The articles on this blog pertaining to Maratha history is seen under "Panipat-Series" label on this blog and this article. Reading of the Imperium series is advised as well. 

The decisions which Marathas and earlier PIF (pro-indic-forces) iterations made India's historical cycle were not necessarily out of character-fault but geopolitical limitations. Those limitations exist even today in front of Sangh-Parivaar which is ideological successor of Marathas (and so is Republic of India with Parivaar at its helm). Without understanding the geopolitical compulsions, this endeavor will only result in incorrect appraisal of history. The reasons of those geopolitical compulsions are very fundamental in nature which require complete overhaul of Hindu society. What those limitations were, how are they still relevant and how is it necessary to address them - is chronicled in this story and links that are referenced herein. 

While I completely agree with the opening article by @maidros78 published on @IndiaFactsOrg run by @SandeepWeb. I have some reservations at this approach which I have chronicled in this tweet-story.

Neo-Mughal & Neo-Maratha model - nuances

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It seems storyfi link is not working as website has ceased to be operating.
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I just came across your blog from your twitter handle...highly impressed and influenced by Imperium series.

Good Work!

I Liked Nitya karma posts as well.