Monday, March 09, 2009

Arthakranti - Revolutionizing Socio-Economic scenario of India...

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A great innovative solution by Mr. Anil Bokil and his team for reforming the economic structure of India and eventually the world. Have a look at the proposed reforms he suggests in these four videos

Arthakranti - Proposed economic system for empowered India - Part 1

Arthakranti - Proposed economic system for empowered India - Part 2

Arthakranti - Proposed economic system for empowered India - Part 3

Arthakranti - Proposed economic system for empowered India - Part 4

Benefits of Arthakranti

Business development opportunities due to simple and transparent taxation

Free from the present tedious tax structure
Benefits of ArthakrantiThe business and industry will switch over their resources towards research and development.

Business or industry can enjoy the liberty to chalk out long-term policies for the growth of the business independently.

Domestic manufacturing industry would get inspired to compete in the international market.
Effective governance and clean political system

Enormous increase in revenue.

Government can take up the long awaited infrastructure development activities.

Government can attempt gigantic projects for welfare of the nation.

Development plans can be effectively executed.

Foreign investment would be encouraged.

Independent share of central, state and local governments.

Will help establish a powerful image of the country on the international platform.

Government would be in a position to effectively handle internationally dependent trades
Safe and peaceful life for all

Strikes at the very root of the parallel economy.

Government can effectively discourage anti-social businesses like Liquor, Gutkha, Alcohol, and Lottery etc.

The system would be more transparent and dynamic leading to a morally boosted social psychology.

Price level throughout the market shall be virtually equal.

Boost the purchasing power of the nation.

With higher denomination currency notes no more in operation, induction of high valued fake currency notes by anti-national elements can be effectively encountered
More employment opportunities

Creative brains can find attractive opportunities within the country
Effective banking system

Result in reduction of the risk factor due to floating money transactions.

Alternative & very effective earning source for banks

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