Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bhaaratiya Plurality and Indianization and assimilation of Islam.

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There is no political doctrine in Vedas, for that matter Shrutis. So there can't be any Vedic constitution since there is no Vedic Law.. Four Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and associated Karma-kandas is shruti and infallible. The Shrutis do not give a damn about political frameworks or social frame-works. The Dharma, Artha and Kaama aspects of life are not dictated by Shrutis. Shruti is highest and infallible only in Moksha/Nirvana aspect of life. 

The first three aspects of life are governed by Smritis which are subject to change with space and time. They are not absolute. The blame is on Hindu majority because we are looking at problem wrongly.. There is nothing like Hinduism. Hinduism is an artificial construct. All the Indic ideologies, except Sikhism, have evolved in Pre-Islamic India where there was no concept of religion and the term Hindu was meaningless. The term that should be used is Indian religions and Non-Indian religions. Hinduism is conglomerate of thousands of Astika religions which are as different from each other as Judaism is from Christianity. 

My Solution - 

1. Stop using the term Hinduism. Identify Vaishnava, Shaiva, Shakta, Samkhya, Yoga, Mimamsa, Tantra and all the other sub groups which are clubbed together as Hinduism by british as separate religions. That is what they are.. 

2. So there will be Shaivas, Vaishnavas, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Shaaktas, Samkhyas, Tantrics etc etc... all of them separate individual religions. 

3. Club them together as "Religions of Indian Origin". No body will object to this term. Since it will be pain in the ass for counting people of thousands of individual religions separately, count them together as Religions originated in India. 

4. This means Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are Religions not originated in India. 

5. This will bring together all people of following Indian religion under one denomination. 

6. Parsees, Jews won't be any trouble.. Most of Christians, except the evangelical ones will be fine as well.. 

7. Christians can further be encouraged to start a movement to establish a Church of India like Greek orthodox church, Russian orthodox church, Church of England. 

8. Build similar pressure on Muslims to start something similar. Ahmediya sect was established in India and can be clubbed along with Indian religions. So can be the Bahai faith. 

9. Those who follow Indian religions, including Ahmediya and Bohra people, can be referred to as Indian because it will be a chaos to refer to each religious group by its name. Jews and Zoroastrians can be declared as minorities. Muslims are not by any means a minority and they follow a religion which is not Indian in origin. 

10. The socio-political movement for encouraging Muslims to 

- read Quran in their mother-tongue.
- Write Urdu in Devanagari script
- stop dressing like Arabs and start dressing like the local population
- government subsidies and reservations of Muslim women for their education and self-employment to empower them.

There can be some indirect subsidies on minorities and Indic people. We are not succeeding as yet because we are not unleashing our diversity. It is perfectly safe now because there is very little probability of India being ruled by Muslim rulers in next 150 years. We can afford to take this step. The dire need we had from 1100 - 1800 for uniting under one religious denomination to fight is over now. 

Our strength is unity in diversity... This will be the Vishwa-Roop Darshan of all Indian religions... Thousands of them manifesting simultaneously.. The Jihadis will have to either identify the Kafirs individually, Or as Indians. If they identify individually, it is BIG pain in their ass. If they identify Indian religions as kafirs, they will have to be referred as Indians. 

This will create the identity crisis.. The patriotic moderate Muslims will break apart from the Jihadi core... Anybody who witnesses a Vishwa-Roop Darshan, be it Arjun or be it Abdul, is bound to be overwhelmed and give up the ideological resistance...

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Julian said...

The problem with Islam is not its Arab origin but its inherent fanaticism and obviously false claims about Muhammad's prophethood.

Tibetan Buddhists can dress like Tibetans, speak their language and use their script in India but are not causing any trouble are they?

You say Ahmadiyas should be clubbed with Indic traditions but do you realize that Ahmadiyas supported Partition and whipped up hate against Hindus?

Why should Hindus suffer because of Islamic stupidity, any subsidies and reservations for Muslim women should be taken from mosque funds not gov't funds and reservations provided ONLY in Muslim educational institutions run on private Muslim money.

As Elst points out the Hindu response to Islam is one of utter confusion, what we need are Goel's and Wilder's who can unequivocally point out Islam's true nature and say that it doesn't belong in this country. It is like a cancerous tumor and cannot be assimilated and history is witness to that.