Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nostalgia - Retrieval of lost Kaleidoscope - Surabhi

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Yes, those born in late 70's and early 80's will definitely remember and feel nostalgic on seeing these videos. Surabhi... India's online database of knowledge and culture, which became a cult and was immensely popular owing to its originality, creativity and honesty...

Surabhi – a cultural magazine that has been voted as one of the top ten television programmes of India. For over ten years Surabhi has travelled all over the country, covering fascinating facets of Indian culture, in the widest sense of the word.

The life and living of the various peoples of India is brought to viewers with all its rich plurality. But Surabhi brings to viewers not just a record or report but insight and understanding of India in evolution, mirroring the changes of an ancient culture metamorphosing into a modern nation.

And in the process of presenting the various dimensions of India’s vast heritage, interactivity has been an important goal. The Sawal Jawab (the Weekly Competition Section in the programme) was the first of its kind to elicit audience response.

It is pleasure sharing these videos here with the readers of the blog. It is sad to
compare the quality and authenticity of the reports shown on this program with
today's shallow news channels shouting out information. The quality of Indian
media should have increased, but sadly has gone southwards since opening up of
the media post liberalization era. This program was truly of prime-time calibre on
Discovery or National-Geographic channels. The simple yet passionate deliverance
of information without having to resort to shouting and gaudy music and subtitles
makes it further more respectable.

I long for such dignified shows to reappear again on the arena of Indian television.

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