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Rise of Narendra Modi - Return of Savarkar's stream of thought???

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There has been a propaganda and stream of thought amongst certain sections of social media and BJP supporters that there exists an uppercaste-based lobby in BJP which is not allowing the rise of Narendra Modi (NM) on central politics. I would wish to rebut this thought and in the process of doing so, I will talk about two distinct streams of ideas which exist (or have existed) under the umbrella which is now known as "Hindutva". 

The problems which some people allege exist between RSS top brass, certain VHP leaders and Narendra Modi, are in my understanding not the real ones. People attribute the origin of these problems as caste of RSS top-brass (which has traditionally dominated by Maharashtrian Brahmin community). This is not the problem. Yes there exists a difference in methodology of certain factions of RSS and Narendra Modi. But origin of this differences have nothing to do with their castes but with the older dichotomy between Veer Savarkar and Keshav Hedgewar.

RSS and HMS (Hindu MahaSabha) had some major differences in methodology of approaching problem - similar to INC's Garam Dal and Naram dal factions in the decade of 1910s. The scenario and times of late 1930s and 1940s were such that both RSS and HMS shared a common cadre base and agreed upon most of the workable definitions. But readers should simply check the thoughts of Savarkar (KP Jayaswal , David Frawley, Sitaram Goel and Ram Swarup and Francois Gautier etc) on Hindu sociopolity with those of Guru Golwalkar, DD Upadhyay, Tarun Vijay, Govindacharya, MG Vaidya, Dattopant Thengdi etc. You will get the difference that I am talking about. 

NM represents the resurgent Savarkaraite meme of HMS. He may not say so explicitly, but the cadre which backs him fervently is from that stream. Savarkaraite stream is that of Shivaji which is much more threatening to Congress-system than RSS (which belongs vaguely to stream of Peshwas). RSS was reigned in (and was amenable to reign itself in) on three occasions (1948, 1975, 1992). HMS was exterminated in 1948. In times and places where 1947 like conditions are approaching and are present, these two sword arms of Dharmik purusha come together. In stable times, this is not the case always. This does not mean that there is clear antagonism between two. No, things are much more complicated than this. 

Why do I think NM represents resurgence of Savarkaraite model of Hindutva? Firstly, he is the only national leader within parivar who pays shraddhanjali to Savarkar on his birth and death anniversary every year. Secondly, he does not make a big deal out of emotive issues like cow-slaughter, temples etc. Remember Savarkar's thoughts on all these issues and readers will see the difference. His recent decision encourage to train dalit children to be priests and be performed upanayanam upon, is in line of Savarkar's vision of eradicating Varna-Bheda. 

Now, those belonging to RSS school (Hedgewar/Golwalkar) of Hindutva are much more traditionalists (Sanatani people). Savarkar's school tends to thrash most of the traditions (temple worship, Brahman priest, cow-reverence etc) which traditionalists are attached to. Many people sympathizing with RSS (Hedgewar himself) opposed Savarkar's definition of Hindu (one who considers India as fatherland and holy-land . RSS avoids this question. 

Furthermore, Savarkaraite model of Hindutva idolizes heroes. Shivaji, Sambhaji, Savarkar, Ram and krishna (as heroes, not devatas), Ranjit Singh, LKA (for some period in late 80s and early 90s) and now NM. RSS model of Hindutva desists from idolizing individuals. It avoids scenarios where people start rallying around a hero, than a cause OR institution. Whatever problem that some sections of RSS have with NM is precisely here. According to RSS, it is unwise to let individual rise so high that his fall results in fall of entire structure. Instead of having one tall figure, lets have million midgets, all of them thinking in right directions and taking small steps in coherence.

I am not making case for OR against RSS. In course of time, it is RSS which survived and HMS which vanished. As time passed, all type of dharmik individuals rallied under the flag of RSS. As the number of such young people with Hindutva mindset is growing, it is natural that a large section will gravitate towards the HMS pole. But RSS survived precisely because there were no heroes OR icons which could be brought down. RSS can own and disown anyone which is a very desirable trait to have, given the hostile environment they had to thrive in past 80 years. Savarkaraite HMS could never do that - To give a figurative example from history - HMS chose Johar and Kesariya of Rajputs over slimy cunning of Ghanimi Qavvait of Marathas. 

But it must be noted that times are changing. Although we might be gradually approaching 1947 like situation, Hindus are much more prosperous, strong, rallied and focused this time. Shivaji-Savarkarite model may not fail so dramatically this time. It may go much farther this time. 

Let this Samudra manthana happen. Do not color it based on caste. Eventually, both models will throw up good Dharmik men, and this is what Bhaarata needs. Over the period of time, after two decades or so, we can have RSS (BJP) representing the Center-left wing of India's socio-polity and a party like Savarkaraite Hindu Mahasabha representing Center-Right wing of the same. This would mean the entire INC-network along with communist parties would find no takers and will be replaced by two arms of Hindutva. This will be the major milestone in this ongoing multigenerational quest of "Dharma-Sansthapana" and "Bhaarata-Vardhana".. 

Shubham Astu !!!


PP said...

This is where, Savarkarites get it wrong. Once you dismantle traditions, varna-bheda , no one will feel attached to their ancestors' sacrifices. Its every man for himself. I strongly disagree that a democratically elected govt,that is voted in by minorities, has any right to decide who should train to be a Vaideeha. We already have enough intrusions into Hindu matters, thanks to secularism. This latest intrusion is going to kill the last remaining bastion of rituals. No amount of wealth will save Hindus if traditions are dismantled & varna confusion prevails.

PP said...

Rituals & traditions are what ties people to their land. Once the rituals are abandoned, you are letting your land go out of your hands. Perfect for Xns/Rop to usurp what is yours.

santosh kumar said...

1)Aren't your predictions a bit far fetched? This is purely my my opinion and even I want your predictions to be correct , but however it is still not sure whether NaMo will be nominated as PM candidate and also not clear whether BJP(NDA) will come to power in the next Gen. Elections?
2)I feel having a blind eye towards cow slaughter is not a very good thing, because if you do so you are no different from congress and also it is scientifically proven that cow is a very useful animal and all its products like milk and urine has medicinal values.

Kal_Chiron said...

PP ji,

Varna is different from caste-based discrimination and associated problems like untouchability. Savarkar has criticized these aspects of Hindu Sociopolity. Indian society is far away from the point where we begin to speak of Varna again. We need to survive and prosper upto certain level before thinking about removing varna confusion.

I agree with you about rituals. But society needs to strike a balance. The times when this was written (1920s) was the time when large section of Hindus had become rigidly ritualistic. There needs someone who questions this rigidity and force people to bring in flexibility.

Kal_Chiron said...

Santosh kumar ji,

I am not predicting, as much I am understanding. I gave up prediction after they lost in 2009, in spite of 26/11.

Regarding cow, yes, Savarkar has maintained that cow is extremely useful animal and should be treated as one. His opposition was to unnecessary reverence of cow to such an extent that cow becomes a weak link in Hindu armor. Most of the Muslims and Christians in India which were converted by mullahs and missionaries in medieval era, were converted by making them forcibly consume beef. One beef is consumed, Hindus would excommunicate the person, closing all doors of his return. This has cost us great deal in numerical superiority which ultimately resulted in territorial losses in 1947.

Cow is useful animal which is respected by Hindu world view. Keep it to this level. In history and legends, the deification of cow is what undid us..

B Nari said...

/* There needs someone who questions this rigidity and force people to bring in flexibility. */

What is this about Hindus & rigidity? Buddha had similar complaints, that Hinduism became too rigid.

So every generation, wants the subsequent to be less strict with the rituals & somehow expect Dharma to survive? Did not work then & not going to work now.

Once you agree 'someone' has to force people, then its not Hinduism anymore. Also you give ample scope for government to interfere in Hindu rituals. Which is what happened in '47 & continuing till date.

Anonymous said...

Kaal_Chiron ji, There are no Savarkarites in young generation. From the writings on the blog a case is made on RSS vs HMS. There is no comparison between the two.RSS is still thriving while MHS is talked among older generation from Maharashtra. Nobody knows about it with the exception of curious RSS cadre. The one thing i would like to correct you is RSS is not just a Brahmin dominated organization. If you are part of it in places as remote as Assam to Kerala you will realize that while the initial work was done by Maharshtra Brahmins, it now has ranks at the top from people beyond Maharshtra. Besides it was founded by a Telugu person. "Hedage vaaru" is from Nizamabad district of Andhra. The third sarsanghchalak Devaras is also from Andhra.
However I like the blog. Thank you for writing very good information.

Anonymous said...

People who are commenting here have not read Savarkar.Savarkar spoke of Utalitarianism and believed that Shri Krishna represented it in his Bhagvat Gita.He was not against Jati or Varna vyawastha he was against superiority of a particular Jati over others.He believed that Rituals even if you called them superstitions if Unites the Nation must be continued.Please read Savarkar carefully and then comment another thing is he passed away in 1966 so thats almost 50 years back that means his major revolutionary writings are almost 80-90 years old today if he were alive he would have changed his views to current requirement and Scientific Updation.Another thing is Smriti and Shruti difference dont u guys know that Smriti might be different for different times.I agree with some of your views on your blog but I dont know if Hindus want to own up to their Hinduness or still choose to be the Confused Arjuna rather than the Enlightened Arjuna.Savarkar was very clear in his thought and how to go about things I know and understand and feel that there are more and more Hindus who are becoming intolerant towards Militant Islam and Christianity but we need a SAVARKAR.I would like to mention somethings Hindus can have different believe systems be it the Vaidik and the Avaidik so why cant we have two Political representation one Hindu Mahasabha which I feel would represent the Top Down Model and the Bottom Up Model could be represented by RSS/BJP.
Modi is not the next SAVARKAR coz I believe he represents more of Sardar Patel's ideology which is like the saffron Congress.Today Congress might have become anti Hindu but b4 Nehru and his Commrades took over it had its share of Pro Hindu Leaders but NONE like SAVARKAR.Hindu Mahasabha got a bad name coz of Gandhi Assasination eventhough Savarkar had nothing to do with it.I hope slowly more people become Savarkarites coz I believe just like in the 7th century AD someone said that Chanakya was ADHARMI and his book Arthshasthra was burned except for that one copy which was found later in Vijaynagar Empire.Similaryly most Hindus even till date somehow ignore or choose to not take Savarkar's name what I am trying to say is often Hindus for some reason have somehow chosen to remain in confusion todays scenario is very similar we can feel that a Demographic Change seems certain.Hence the Rise of Savarkarite is inevitable and very much the demand of the hour.RSS is not a Upper caste Brahmin Organisation then how did Modi become a Pracharak and Rise so high in Rank.Someone said about RSS Vs HMS that HMS is dead they are right but so was Chanakya and Arthshashtra till 1909.HMS might be dead but Savarkars views live on and whenever a Hindu is on a Quest to give a befitting reply to the Cruel Genocide committing Abrahamics and Communist they will only find SAVARKAR waiting to answer each and everyone of their question.

alok said...
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