Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Should NaMo be NDA's PM candidate for 2013-14 general elections?

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Indra gave Karna a shakti which was unanswerable (this is the impending global crisis post 2014). Now, no matter who, when this shakti is unleashed, no one, not even Shri Krishna with his sudarshana can withstand.. Whole point of MBH was to put Yudhishthira on throne and bring about systemic changes in the way Dharma functioned (or malfunctioned). The global players (Gandhi dynasty included) have screwed up the economy, created shitloads of debt and this is going to hit west back. They averted this in 2008 for time being. But signs are beginning to show in EU. One has to look at this Boston Blast from that perspective - to create a motive to start a new war and keep the "demand" going without people asking uncomfortable questions about where the money came from and where it went.. Most of EU nations are now printing money. They are in buffer and so far so good. But buffer is running out. Unless this dodgy debt is not settled, it is going to raise its ugly head. In other words, this is the Indra's Shakti. No Tod... 

Now, I do not know whether Narendra Modi (NM) is the Yudhishthira who will bring about change OR whether he is the Arjuna who is shielding the real Yudhishthira. But whoever he is, he is not expendable as Ghatotkacha.. It is possible that the real Yudhishthira has not even arrived on national scene yet. But battle waits for none. dynasty has played its role in creating similar situation in India - Thanks to NREGA, multiple scams all over (koi ginti nahi), other free-loading schemes, appeasement politics. We have our own dodgy debt which will raise its head. 

He who is in power will incur the wrath of people when Indra's shakti strikes. Couple that with Jihadis from AFPAK pouring in J&K and rest of India after USA decreases its presence from Afghanistan and taliban enters in agreement with kabul - they will be doing what they do best. Brace for multiple exploding pressure-cookers, multiple Owaisi like speeches and multiple Azad-Maidan like rallies and multiple Assam like cleansings. 

Now, all this is bad karma of dynasty and their international handlers. Indic janta is only beginning to realize how they have been taken for a ride by dynasty. It will dawn upon them even more then. I want dynasty to be in power and seen responsible for this mess by Janta. If NM is in power (or even NDA), this rage will be of no use - it will cancel itself out. I do not want that wave to cancel itself out. I have been saying this on forum for past 2-3 years. BJP does not want to be in power for some reason. It dawns upon me now that perhaps this is the reason. They are passing the parcel, because they can hear it ticking.. 

What if NM becomes a prime-minister and then shakti strikes? True to his dharma, NM will take stringent steps, try and shield India (and I think he will do so successfully) bring economy back on track and then there is 2004 moment again where people pissed off due to stringent measures, vote NDA out and dynasty (or UPA) is back with its populist promises. In other words, most of NM's energy would be spent on fighting off this shakti and still remain standing to introduce systemic changes without loosing popular mandate and keeping allies together. Alternatively, if he cannot withstand the shakti and fails, then it will be doom for nationalists. Apeksha-Bhanga (disappointment) is one of those emotions which brings about bitterest responses. 

If, on the other hand, RahulG or his Manmohan Singh (MMS) is in power when shakti strikes, the wrath of people will be faced by dynasty. NM will come riding on this wrath-wave without public associating him with downfall and without needing to care about loosing public mandate, for he will be projected as repairman and not the one who broke the country. Public has short memory. They were praising MMS for his leadership when India was growing 9% forgetting the fact that it was Vajpayee and his govt which brought economy on fast-track. MMS simply ate the fruits of tree sown and nurtured by ABV and squandered it off in 123, NREGA, scams and other stupid things.. 

If recession strikes before general elections in India, NDA should declare NM as PM candidate. If not, they should wait until it strikes and then declare NM for PM.. Meanwhile let him do what he is doing (giving speeches in various parts of India and forcing people to focus on real issues, presenting a contrast between GJ and rest of India). If recession does not strike before general elections, 2013-14, then find someone who will buy time and make sure dynasty is weakened and yet is seen accountable for ill-deeds. I think 1996 like scenario will repeat itself and there will be elections within year or year and half after 2014.


Anonymous said...

As insightful as the story of the Taoist farmer. We NM fans should become this sophisticated!

RamaY said...

Dear Kal-Chiron ji,

While agree about the possibility of upcoming financial crisis, I doubt if this analogy works here as presented.

In my humble opinion, Puranic stories are about (good/bad) people, their choices (right/wrong) and the consequences. So applying them for contemporary issues are for the benefit of understanding the underlying tendencies (Asuric/Daivic) and associated strategies.

Let us assume Economic-Atomic-bomb Shakti is destined to strike in 2014. Will it strike irrespective of who the PM of India be or only if Modi becomes the PM.

Given the chaos and distress the nation will be pushed into when Shakti strikes, is it desirable to have an able and Dharmic PM or some stop-gap, inefficient and foreign-agent PM?

Sri Modi chose his destiny to serve the people of India. So far only the people of Gujarat chose him to be their destiny. If the people of Bharat chooses Modi as their destiny in 2014, I think the nation will reap the consequences based on Modi's commitment to nation.

Now is Modi the only solution to all Indian problems for ever? Definitely not. Modi is the first and essential step to Bharatiya resurgence. The sooner it starts the better for the nation because Modi as a PM of India has the most important strategic benefits. Creation of strategic leadership that is absolutely Dharmic and Nationalistic.

Warm Regards,

Kal_Chiron said...

Dear RamaY ji,

This ia a dated article from April'2013. Things have moved past the point of return now and NaMo is poised to reach the top job.

Whilst things have changed on the side of light and right, the impending scenario has not changed.

The reason I shared this dated article today in new year was simply to remind the readers that an Indra-shakti is due - So better buckle up the seatbelts. Its going to be a bumpy ride from now on..

Best Regards,
Kalchiron.. :-)